TIME PAYS ME - Never Get Hacked Again?

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TimePaysMe: A Revolutionary Token-Agnostic Proof-of-Wait Protocol

Emerging as a game-changer in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, TimePaysMe (TPM) pioneers the concept of 'proof of wait.' Founded and developed by Mati Allin, he brings an innovative system of 'time-locking' your crypto assets, designed to offer a more secure way of holding and growing your digital wealth. With TPM, you can rest easy knowing that not only is your cryptocurrency secure, but it is also incrementally increasing in value. This newsletter provides an in-depth exploration of TPM and its robust features.

Undo a Hack Using a Second Seed Phrase

One key advantage of TPM is the dual-layered security it provides to your cryptocurrency savings. It allows you to create a vault linked to a primary address and a secondary seed word address for added security. If a hacker compromises your wallet, they cannot transfer funds from the primary address as the assets are locked in the vault.

TimePaysMe, thus, introduces a unique measure to counteract hacking – 'Undo a Hack'. If you are in your primary address and you suspect a hack, you can activate the 'Panic Mode'. This mode transfers decision-making permissions to the secondary address. The power to activate the 'Panic Mode' is available from any address that has signed permission, enhancing the versatility and security of the protocol.

Lock and Drip: Harness the Power of Time

TimePaysMe offers a flexible 'time-lock' mechanism. The lock period can range from a minute to a staggering 55 years. The locked assets drip back to you over the chosen time frame, making it an enticing saving and investment tool. In case of withdrawal requests, there's a compulsory 7-day waiting period, creating a built-in buffer against immediate withdrawal and adding to the security.

However, the protocol's strength lies in its innovative 'Lock & Drip' feature. You claim your vault first, then the options appear to lock. Drip is the default setting. You just pick the crypto, transfer it to the vault, then choose the amount and duration, and lock! Whether the markets are up or down, your TimePaysMe Drip ensures you keep gaining weekly from your locked crypto principle.

Visual Representation of TimePaysMe

The Power of TimePaysMe for Different Protocols and Token Types

TPM is token-agnostic and supports a wide range of protocols and token types. It can be used with any ERC20 token or PRC20 (Pulsechain) in the native coins on the Ethereum and Pulsechain networks, including their testnets.

Behavior Locking: A Game-Changer in Personal Goal Tracking

TimePaysMe takes the concept of 'lock and drip' a step further with 'Behavior Locking'. This innovative feature allows you to create goals and hold yourself accountable on the blockchain. You can label the goal, decide how much you're locking, and assign a trusted friend as a behavior validator. If the funds remain unlocked for the set period, you get them back, effectively rewarding you for meeting your goal. (this feature is coming soon to the front end)

Scaling Your Crypto Investments with TimePaysMe

TimePaysMe offers a scaled solution for both poverty and sudden wealth syndrome (SWS). Using TPM, you can lock your assets up to 55 years and earn weekly. In effect, this proof-of-wait protocol is a powerful tool for maximizing the value of your crypto assets over time. The drip feature facilitates dollar cost averaging out of the right position held over the long term, which, prior to TimePaysMe, was easier said than done.

Consider an example: if you had locked Bitcoin with TPM for 15 years and sold your Bitcoin drip monthly, your initial investment could have multiplied exponentially (Through market price appreciation), turning a marginal initial investment into millions. These potential gains underscore the effectiveness of TPM as an investment tool in the volatile crypto market.


In essence, TimePaysMe revolutionizes the way you manage, hold, and grow your digital assets. Its secure vaults, time-lock feature, and innovative mechanisms like Behavior Locking and make it a must-consider for any crypto enthusiast. Whether you're an expert or a newcomer to the crypto world, TimePaysMe can be an invaluable tool in your investment toolkit.

Join the TimePaysMe revolution and redefine your crypto investment strategy. Secure your crypto, pay your future self, and leverage the power of patience to maximize your digital wealth.